Iceland itinerary in two parts 4 days and 5 days

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Iceland itinerary in two parts 4 days and 5 days


I am planning for solo trip to Iceland in August 2017. My dates are 4 Aug - 18 Aug. I will arrive on 4th night at around 11 PM. Now the thing is that I really want to do LAUGAVEGURINN trek and the time for which I am getting a booking is 9 - 13 August. So this poses a dilemma as I will have to break up my rest of Iceland sight seeing in two parts 5th - 8th August (4 days) and 14th - 18th August (5 days) and I want to see as much of Iceland as possible. Now I understand I cannot do the entire ring road in one go so I have come up with the following rough itinerary. Would really appreciate inputs on making it better:

5th Aug - Roam around Reykjavik, see local sights.

6th Aug - Take Golden circuit tour with a tour company - stay in Reykjavik

7th Aug - Hire a car and explore South coast. go towards Vik - seeing the beautiful spots in between like Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, black-sand beach of Reynisfjara, Sólheimajökull glacier etc. (suggestions about what else I can visit are welcome :)) - stay in Vik

8th Aug - Go to jokulsarlon and then head back to Reykjavik - stay in Reykjavik (I know it would be a long driving day but my pickup next day 8 AM for trek is from Reykjavik so I need to be back there). Would return the car

9th - 13th Aug - LAUGAVEGURINN trek with Utivist - stay at Reykjavik on 13th night

14th Aug - Hire a car and head towards akureyri (any suggestions on what all should I cover on the way are welcome). If time permits do the whale watching in Husavik - stay the night at Akureyri

15th Aug - Myvtan area and Dettifoss - stay the night at Akureyri (Again lot of drivng but next day I start towards Snæfellsnes Peninsula so rather than a loooog drive from Myvtan, I thought to break the drive in two days)

16th - 17th Aug - Stay at Olafsvik and explore Snæfellsnes Peninsula

18th Aug - Flight at 12 AM at night - so still have one entire day with no specific plan.

An alternate which I have thought is -

16th Aug - Drive to West Fjords and stay at Flateyri. (But it would be a 8 hours drive - so of double mind if it is worth going all the way for just one day)

17th Aug - Drive to Olafsvik (again a 6-7 hours drive)

18th aug - Explore Snæfellsnes Peninsula and head back to Reykjavik for night flight back.

I am a solo traveller so won't be able to share costs with anyone - my budget is going off the roof (even when I am staying in dorm rooms all the way) :(. So any suggestions to reduce my budget would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Kalika Jain
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Re: Iceland itinerary in two parts 4 days and 5 days

Hello Kalika,

Please put this topic up into "14+ day trip around Iceland".

If you need help please let me know.

Best regards,