September 2016 Iceland itinerary help needed for 5days, please!?

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September 2016 Iceland itinerary help needed for 5days, please!?

I would like some help and opinions regarding the itinerary planned for my trip to Iceland during September 2016. I apologize beforehand if I'm repeating some questions. I truly appreciate the time you all take to answer my concerns.
Our group (of 5) is very relaxed and just want to leisurely sight-see mainly South Iceland. We are planning to rent a Motorhome so we can stay on the go and easier to hunt the Northern lights every night.

When you read through the plans is mainly I who want to see Myvatn very badly and to see if it is doable, hopefully in a relax manner still :P When driving North we are willing to just drive through and skip much sightseeing to make time.
I appreciate ALL the help and time you’re taking out to read this.

Day 1 (9/14/16): Airport → Blue Lagoon → Reykjavik
-we will arrive in 6am so we are gonna pull through the entire day lol
-Blue Lagoon then explore city and shop a little.

Q: Every night-time hunting for the Northern Lights!!! ----I appreciate if you can give some recommendations of locations to see the lights away from city lights and on the path we are driving as you read my itinerary

Day 2 (9/15/16): Golden Circle
-Silfra diving
-then drive along Road 1 to look at Seljalandsfoss → Skogafoss → Reynisfjara → Vik

Q: Northern lights spot around Road 1 aroud Vik

Day 3 (9/16/16): Continue Road 1
-Eldhraun lava field → Kirkjugolf → Svartifoss → Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon → Jokulsarlon

Q: Is the ice cavern in Skatefall still iced in around September?
Q: Maybe do some hiking if there’s time?
Q: Here’s the problem…..either continue to Hofn to North OR ALTERNATIVE plan and stay South Iceland (see below plans)

Plan A -Drive to Hofn
-Make halfway towards North Iceland to see Myvatn next day. Drive as much possible towards North.

Q: Northern lights spot from the drive to North?

Day4 (9/17/16): North Iceland
-Dettifoss → Myvatn → sunset at Godafoss
-slowly make way back from West to Reykjavik. Drive as much possible back.

Q: Northern lights spot from this way back?

Day 5 (9/18/16): Make way to Reykjavik → Airport
-stop by Glymur →  Reykjavik to drop friends off → make way to airport for midnight flight.

Plan B: ALTERNATIVE to after Jokulsarlon: stay South
Continue from Day 3 (9/16/16):
-Drive from Jokulsarlon to Vik area so next day we go to Westman Island

Day 4 (9/17/16): Westman Island daytime
-spend day in Westman Island then drive to Landmannalaugar (haven't really fine-tune this area of the trip yet)

Q: Northern lights around the Landmannalaugar area?

Day 5 (9/18/16):  
-Drive from Landmannalaugar just to see a little of the highlands → Hjalparfoss → Glymur → Reykjavik → Airport for midnight flight

Q: All the roads from Landmannalaugar to Hjalparfoss to Glymur is not on Road 1 then is it gravel (not paved)? Will Motorhome handle it?

Q: the road between Landmannalaugar and Myvatn is also gravel I'm guessing? I’m wondering if its easier to cut through here from Myvatn back to the South? Then here’s my Plan C.

Plan C:
Continue from Day 3 (9/16/16):
-Then we would drive from Jokulsarlon to Hofn and as much possible throughout the night to Myvatn

Day4 (9/17/16): North Iceland
-Dettifoss → Myvatn → sunset at Godafoss (I really want to see!)

Q: the big difference in this plan is when done in Myvatn is it faster to drive South to Landmannalaugar instead of looping West to Reykjavik? I couldn’t find information to see if the Motorhome can handle the gravel road cutting through this Highland area?

Q: Northern lights location throughout this drive back to Landmannalaugar from North to South?

Day 5 (9/18/16): Landmannalaugar → Reykjavik → Airport
-again gravel road from Landmannalaugar to see Glymur →  Reykjavik to drop friends off who are staying an extra day → make way to airport for midnight flight.

THANK YOU again!!!